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Maximizing ROI with Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Make big data work for you. By personalizing your pay-per-click advertising, you can maximize your ROI and enjoy some serious customer engagement. More clicks, more conversions. What’s not to like?
Maximizing ROI with Data-Driven

Why Do I Need PPC?

Unless you’re coasting on amazing word-of-mouth, you have to get your name out there. Your brand deserves it.

When you want to capture people’s attention, there are a few routes you can take. One of the most notable methods is pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC. PPC means you’re paying for every click that your ad generates, but each click (ideally) carries a high chance of a customer making a purchase.

PPC is usually offered by major search engines. You ever look something up on Google and get an ad in your results? That’s PPC, and if the strategy works out, it turns into profit for whoever paid to put that ad there.

How Can I Make PPC More Effective?

Because of the nature of these ads, they’ll only show up if someone looks up a very specific keyword. For example, if you type up “cat food” in Google, you wouldn’t be getting ads for lawnmowers in your search results.

Your ads are only visible if they contain the right keywords. Are you a moving service? Do you renovate houses? Not only should your PPC ads grab attention, they should be relevant to whoever’s doing the Googling.

What Data Should I Look At?

The digital landscape is always changing. You can make a snazzy ad and see it rake in the dough one week, only to see it completely tank a couple weeks later. It all comes down to real-time monitoring to check on how your ads are doing. But what should you look at in the first place?

  • Behavioral Data: Are people taking the time to scroll through your site once they click on your ad, or are they slamming that back button? If your hooks aren’t keeping them hooked, it’s time to make some changes to your website.
  • Search Query Popularity: Some searches are trendy and current, and others never go out of style. It’s important to leverage both to your advantage.
  • Demographic Info: It pays to know your audience. You can review your PPC stats to see who’s clicking, and who’s converting.

Getting your ads out there is one thing, but maintaining them takes a lot of work. Of course, if you’re really serious about making those ads turn a profit, it pays to get in touch with the pros. The right digital marketing service can boost your metrics and your ROI – especially if that digital marketing service is Lagoon Media.

Lagoon Media: Making Those Clicks Pay for Themselves

When you’re getting into PPC advertising, the main goal is to turn heads, and turn those clicks into conversions. Translated from corporate gobbledegook, this basically means getting people to A: click on your ads, and B: actually buy stuff once you’ve got them on the hook.

At Lagoon Media, we know that every ad is an investment – and if you’re not seeing a return on your investment, it can be frustrating, to say the least. That’s why our team specializes in making those money-pits into money-makers. Here’s how we’ll boost your PPC stats:

Every good campaign starts with a good plan. We’ll have a heart-to-heart with you and your team about your long term goals, while also taking into consideration any time-sensitive or season-specific promotions you may want to run.

Keyword Research
Gone are the days where you could just stuff a ton of keywords into your landing page. Google’s gotten a lot smarter than that. The Lagoon team will do the research to find the terms that really matter, and then we’ll place them strategically.

Ads That You’ll Actually Want to Click
No hot singles in your area, no “one simple trick” that makes doctors hate him. We make ads that you actually want to click, and we make sure they look amazing, too.

Testing and Revising
The Lagoon data hounds are always checking performance and seeing what floats. We keep monitoring your PPC campaigns so we can provide up-to-the-minute optimization. If an ad’s not working, we pull the plug and make a new one that does.

Let’s Make Your Investment Work for You

In the ever-changing online world, it’s tough to get the clicks and clients you need. Just like in the old days, you’ve gotta stand out from the crowd – and Lagoon Media can help. From personalized ads to high quality web content, we make sure your site and service leaves a lasting impression.