Lagoon Media - About Us

Lagoon media is one of the leading marketing and advertising companies with a team of ambitious entrepreneurship dedicated to generating leads for businesses. As a business-focused organization, Lagoon media is continually evolving to offer our partners relevant and profitable leads to grow their businesses. Our investment in technology makes the works easy for us. We use lead generation techniques that adopt advanced algorithms and tools to generate highly optimized leads, customized for your targeted services resulting in continuous higher conversions rates without stress. We are a team of innovators of advertising and marketing for over 12 years, understand the efforts of building lead generation for different companies irrespective of their brands and services. Our services have been trusted and reviewed by a reasonable number of businesses nationwide. With our expertise in generating quality leads, our clients usually experience over 155% sales increase within their first year of employing our lead generation services.

What we offer

Lagoon media offers a wide range of marketing services that are focusing on generating leads for various companies and businesses. Our broad expertise in a wide range of market implies that we don’t need to start from scratch, studying your business before marketing your services to start getting results. We have involved in many years of test-running the best practices of traditional and digital marketing in the industry.

The idea for building the business came because of the high awareness about the different problems in the United States market

We believe in 3 strong elements between us and our clients

Full update of your product at any moment or phase during the process

Delivery time - you get the product at the time you ask. And that’s a guarantee!

Marketing Services

Our marketing services take all the required information about your business and use our marketing strategies and ideas to grow your services. We are skilled in marketing and advertising companies’ brands or services. We use a variety of channels to market and bring customers from both your locality and worldwide. With our marketing strategies, you will connect, interact, and receive feedbacks from prospects around the globe. Social media channels are now a tool to explore for the business leads target; hence, we also use both social media and your website to maximize your business marketing to your targeted audience. Let our experts handle your traditional and digital marketing requirements in the business. Our long years of experience in the field can guarantee you lead-driven sales and high turnovers for your business.

Lead Generation Services

Lagoon media’s lead generation package is designed to improve your business and grow your sales exponentially. We make use of different tools and strategies to take advantage of the market to deliver that much-needed leads and give you return on your investment. Our lead generation services are not limited to the following:

Moving Leads

We are committed to bringing qualifies and useful leads that are locally targeted to Moving and Storage companies across the US and nationwide based on your locations. We achieve this through our aggressive marketing approach and campaign for your service. Our moving leads services are real, as you can verify those leads to know that they are actually coming from us and they are 100% legitimate leads.

Auto Transport Leads

Do you need a verified and affordable auto transport leads? Do you want a higher conversion rate from your car shipping business? Our auto transport leads service is what you need. We know how to play the game to get you verifiable leads that keep you growing in your Auto Transport Service. We use an effective online marketing approach through our knowledge of modern SEO practices on targeted websites to generate leads from Auto transport world. We can deliver leads that improve your sales with a huge return on investment.

Home services Leads

Our home services marketing approaches employ digital marketing channels and also improving some traditional marketing systems to deliver to our clients. As a home services business owner, there are opportunities out there, but you would agree with me that they are also attached with some challenges when it comes to lead generation to grow the business in some specific targeted service areas. Lagoon media helps you in this area to expand your business and generate leads for your business with high customer conversion rate.

Call Generation

Our call generation services are designed to promote and encourage local businesses to grow faster through effective leads and customer interaction. We understand that setting up a call center is challenging for many business owners, but you can actually achieve this in a more affordable way that will boost your revenue. If you are not taking advantages of telemarketing, now is the time to sit up. With our call generation services, we create a system that target ideal prospect leads with colds call on your behalf. It is one of the effective ways to bring specific leads to your company.

Why choose us?

Lagoon media offers the best marketing services to generate leads for Moving, and Auto Transport Companies and our clients have confirmed the effectiveness of our lead generation strategies which have improved their business with high conversion rate. We are chosen to be the best for the job due to the following reasons:

  • All our leads are real-time prospects that are genuine and not automated.
  • We are experienced and knowledgeable in various industries and business as related to your company.
  • We are equipped with teams of marketers that are skilled in both traditional and digital marketing strategies to
  • bring leads to businesses regardless of locations.
  • Our history in working with varieties of moving sites and auto transport businesses helps us to see beyond ordinary business but opportunities to take advantages of your rivals in the industry.
  • Our clients’ sales increase on an average of 155% in their first year of using our services.
  • All our customer service representatives are experienced and well-mannered to answer all your queries promptly.