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Creating Compelling Content: 10 Tips for 2024

If you’ve ever been hit with the ol’ “cool blogpost, nerd,” then you may need to revamp your web content - or at least hang out in friendlier online circles.
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Don’t worry: the team at Lagoon Media knows the ins and outs of creating compelling content. We had one of our copywriters break down what you can do to make your site more enticing to the casual visitor. Read on for our 10 tips, and get in touch with us today if you want to skip straight to publishing cool stuff.

1. Helpful Info

These days, it’s easy to hop on ChatGPT to churn out an article – but is anything you’re publishing actually worth reading? Avoid providing generic solutions to specialized problems, and use your own firsthand experience to shed some light on the way your industry works. It’s a cool look behind the scenes, and it lets your reader know you really know your stuff.

2. Listicles and FAQs

Walls of text are never fun. Instead, break your information down into bite-sized pieces. If you’re publishing written content, why not make a listicle or an FAQ? If you want an example of a listicle, just look at the way this blogpost is set up. FAQs can operate the same way.

3. Interactive Content

Interactive content can take many forms, but they’re all great methods for letting your visitors connect with your brand. Quizzes, calculators, questionnaires – you can even make your landing page into a helpful utility, so your readers can get familiar with your service right off the bat.

4. Short-Form Video

A thumbnail can grab someone’s attention, but a long runtime can lose their attention completely. Short-form video is an incredibly fast-growing field for digital marketing, and if you want to make really compelling content, you should understand that short and snappy is better than long and drawn out.

5. Audio Breakdowns

Everyone learns a little different. Some folks are auditory learners, some are visual. That’s why it’s a great idea to provide audio summaries of your articles. Plus, your guests can keep your article running in the background while they do something else, like playing with that cool interactive content on your other page.

6. Infographics

Infographics offer easy-to-digest data presented in a way that can really resonate with your readers. Tables and charts may sound like boring conversation, but if you’re choosing between a wall of words and a quick graphic, guess what’s going to be easier on the eyes?

7. Keyword Optimization

Some search keywords are always changing, and some are pretty evergreen. It’s a good idea to make sure you use a little bit of both, but make sure you keep updating your content to keep it current.

8. Internal Links

When you’re publishing content, are you pointing your readers at your other articles? You’ve got tons of good stuff to show them, so make it easier for them to find it.

9. Reliable, Updated Info

Just like keywords, data changes. You don’t want to be publishing articles about home prices in 2024 while relying on pricing info from 2016. Keep your data current, and if you want to go above and beyond, keep your data transparent. Let your readers know where it came from.

10. Real Voices

You can spend time writing and editing articles, but sometimes the best content has already been written for you. Have any glowing reviews? Use them. Want to encourage some more customer feedback? Offer them some sweet deals if they leave short-form video reviews, too.

Compelling Content in Just a Few Clicks

If you’re ready to get your name out there, you’ll need some quality content. Your brand deserves it, and so do your customers.

At Lagoon Media, we know a thing or two about content creation. Whether we’re kicking it old school and writing it by hand or using AI to generate outlines and helpful breakdowns, our team’s always ready to help. Hit us up, and let’s dive in.