Lagoon Media - Web Services 

Our marketing and advertising services focus on generating leads businesses and companies. We offer a range of marketing services with our broad expertise in the variety of industries to take up your business from scratch, studying it and apply our strategies to get results. We have involved in many years of test-running the best practices of traditional and digital marketing in the industry. 

Marketing Services - The Lagoon way

Let our team of experts handle your traditional and digital marketing obligations. We only need to take all the required details about your business and use our unique strategies to grow your business. Lagoon media teams of marketers are skilled in marketing different brands and services in the modern world market. With our marketing strategies, you will connect, interact, and receive feedbacks from prospects around the globe. We use a variety of channels to market and bring customers from both your locality and worldwide. Social media channels are now a tool to explore for the business leads target; hence, we also use both social media and your website to maximize your business marketing to your targeted audience. 

Our long years of experience in the field can guarantee you lead-driven sales and high turnovers for your business. Our marketing service channels are not limited to the following:

  • Inbound marketing,
  • Outbound marketing,
  • Social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Web strategy,
  • Content marketing,
  • email marketing, and
  • digital media strategy

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Lead Generation Services

Every profitable business is highly competitive which makes it necessary to generate sales leads to keep the business growing and lucrative. Our lead generation package is designed to maximize sales leads for companies who are ready to take advantage of the market to grow. There are two vital things; grow leads and sustain leads effectively. We make use of different tools and strategies to take advantage of the market to deliver that much-needed leads and give you return on your investment. Our trained and skilled teams are equipped with proven and mastered lead generation strategies that will skyrocket your business in the market.

Moving Leads

Lagoon media uses internet users’ search on ‘moving” to generate moving leads that finally use your service. We know where they are located and we don’t toy with any available leads caught during our hunt for leads. It is our work to bring qualifies and valid leads that are targeted from Moving and Storage companies across the US and nationwide and deliver to you based on your locality. Our team always carries out aggressive marketing campaigns of your service to ensure we deliver as promised. Our moving leads services are real, as you can verify those leads to know that they are actually coming from us and they are 100% legitimate leads. If you are a small, medium, or large scale mover, moving leads service is what you need to grow your business. Contact us today for your moving leads services package!

Auto Transport Leads

We generate Auto Transport leads for your auto shipping business if you hire us to do so. Lagoon media utilizes advanced inbound marketing approaches to deliver prospect leads that are searching for your services. Do you need verified and affordable Auto Transport leads? Do you want a higher conversion rate from your car shipping business? Our Auto Transport leads service is what you need.  We use modern SEO practices to connect top-notched websites in the auto transport market through our organic search ideas to get what we want sales leads. We know how to play the game to get you verifiable leads that keep you growing in your Auto Transport Service. We use an effective online marketing approach through our knowledge and strategies to generate leads and get them delivered to you every day.

We can deliver leads that improve your sales with a huge return on investment.

Our Auto Transport leads services will offer:

  • Exclusive Leads
  • Leads from different brokers at a time
  • International Leads
  • Leads for door-to-door shipping
  • Open and enclosed car shipping
  • Vehicle relocation
  • Leads for both short and long distance auto transport
  • Live phone traffic
  • Leads for transporting different types of vehicle including truck, SUV, boat, etc.
  • Huge return on investment based on search marketing
  • Leads targeting specific geographical locations

Is this what you have been looking for? Contact us for a highly-competitive auto transport lead package and experience a huge sales difference.

Home Services

We use every available technology strategy to deliver profitable home services to our clients. Lagoon media’s home services marketing approaches employ digital marketing channels and also enhance some practicable traditional marketing systems to deliver quality leads to our clients. As a home services business owner, there are opportunities out there, but you would agree with me that they are also attached with some challenges when it comes to lead generation to grow the business in some specific targeted service areas.

Lagoon media helps you in this area to expand your business and generate leads for your business with high customer conversion rate. Some of the tools employed to achieve our home services are:

  • SEM – We use this tool to gain top position on search result. We dominate the search results to take advantage of the eager prospects and direct them to our clients. The aim is to use all targeting aspects such as local extensions, sitelink extensions, and mobile campaigns for your home service company.
  • Social and People-Based Marketing – We promote advertisements on social media channels to present your services to potential customers to build your online reputation. Promotions highlight your brands or services, offers, clients’ testimonials, and video to generate leads to your home services.
  • Traditional Marketing Media – This tool has been found to contribute significantly to the home services business. Advertisements such as direct mail, radio & TV ads, print advertisements are a great tool to explore to grow your home services business.

Call Generation

Lagoon media helps our clients to handle their business calls professionally. This service is designed to promote and encourage their business grow faster through effective leads and customer relationship management. We understand that setting up a call center is a challenge for many business owners, but you can actually achieve this in a more affordable way that will boost your revenue. Studies have shown that telemarketing is one of the most lead generators that business owners are not maximizing. If you are not taking advantages of telemarketing, now is the time to sit up. Many businesses are not utilizing this powerful tool as expected and this is worth considering. With our call generation services, we create a system that target ideal prospect leads with colds call on your behalf. It is one of the effective ways to bring specific leads to your company. Many companies are on top of search engine using leads generated from telemarketing. However, some companies are still lacking behind in call generation because they find it difficult and expensive to engage intelligent and trained phone sales personnel to help them set up and handle this system.

Having discovered this, Lagoon media comes up with an affordable call generation services to help you take advantage of these opportunities. We provide lead call generation services to let you have access to our team of call generators with a strong track record and remarkable results. With our services, you will enjoy the following:

  • Real-time target prospects with cold calls: This entails that we will help take charge of your leads by making cold calls on your behalf. It is as simple as that. We assist you to target the specific customers you want to win to your company’s fold in a professional way. We deliver on this task by breaking down barriers; connect with the clients professionally, earn their trusts, push them to make a favorable decision. We engage them in person with unscripted conversations to convert them.

Campaigns with Phone Follow-Ups: Our team can increase the response rate to your email campaigns and direct mail with effective and calculative follow-up phone calls, establishing a business relationship that leads to sales.